Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Seedlings

Last night it was time to dig up the potatoes so we could use their garden space for other plants.
Quite honestly, the potato plants weren't doing all that well. This is all that one row yielded; completely below the quota we had set. We're heartless when it comes to unproductive plants.  But then, the plants are pretty heartless too.  And bloodless. And spineless. And brainless. And...

 So we set out a bunch of little broccoli seedlings.  Our own little seedlings helped out.

Well, mostly they helped out.

Some of them were downright unhelpful.

And some of them were just there for the entertainment.

And some little Ruffer seedlings were just there to melt their mother's heart.

Ok. All together now: "Awwww." I don't know what I love more, her helpful attitude or her lovely tiara.

1 comment:

  1. oh Gingers face. So great. I am hoping to have a garden next year! I kinda kill plants easily though.....we shall see