Thursday, May 3, 2012

Needed: Bathing and Sleeping

She has robbed me of two and a half hours of prime sleeping time.
Her nose is running incessantly and her diaper looks suspicious.
She refuses breakfast but eats things off the floor and rips apart my magazine.
With her oversized t-shirt that stood in for pj's last night and her desperate need for a bath, she couldn't look more like the stereotypical trailer park baby.

She's pretty much perfect. 

Every ounce of energy that she saps from my tired mom body is replaced with one squeeze of her little arms around my neck.
Her sparkly eyes and takes-up-her-whole-face-grin make me ask for her snotty kisses over and over.

I really love my baby.

Her little big sister is pretty much perfect too.
And so are the school kids... but they were out the door before my camera woke up.

Is it wrong of me to stereotype trailer parks?