Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love & Death at the Homestead

How do I know my husband loves me?  He shot the Menacing Rooster.

I hope Doodle (he had several aliases, but I don't want my mother to see me type those names out because nice girls don't use that kind of language) does not rest in peace, for his offences were many.  He pecked and taloned (Please don't mind if that is not a verb) my children repeatedly.  He ripped a hole in a new coat last winter.  He rendered my nephew afraid to go outside.  AAAANNND. He chased me around my own car once.  And I never ever antagonized him like the children did.  True story.
October, 2010

So he's gone.  We're all a little happier for it.
Well, not the hens, obviously.
Feel free to address condolences to them.

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