Friday, July 20, 2012

Before I Run [Out]

Once on Public Television I watched a story on what runners eat the night before a big race.  I need to run a race every week.

Incidentally, I read a few lines from the website where I stole borrowed this picture.  The key words were "benefits" and "sophisticated" so I feel totally good about that large bowl of [plain] spaghetti I just consumed.  I love running for many reasons, but mainly for the ones that include carbohydrates.  Quick disclaimer: I don't know anything else about that website, I hope it's not loaded with food porn.

So tomorrow is that 5k for which I signed up.  I have picked out my little girls' [matching] outfits so they can greet me at the finish line in all their adorable sisterliness.  I'm gonna  totally fool our small town into thinking I have it all together aren't I?

Except for I've tried that matchy-outfit thing before.
And these are my kids.
I'd upload a picture except their father just made some popcorn, and I think that's another carb I should probably load.

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