Friday, August 21, 2009

Things I Must Do.

I need to make my to-do lists shorter. Presently, they leave me too tired to write about all that I do.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Storms and Sleepy Times

I'm sitting near an open window so I can hear the gentle storm outside. Rain. It is so peaceful that I may just go to bed, turn off the fans and listen myself to sleep.

Why wasn't rain this soothing in childhood? I should ask my children, because they're not falling asleep as ordered. I am trying to establish a routine of sorts that includes Family Bible time and an earlier bedtime. For our Bible reading tonight (which Weston said was even funner than the Andersons') I read from the first chapter in Matthew, Corey asked the children questions about what we'd just read and finally they each drew a picture about our reading. Of course, Corey's first question was "Who did Jacob beget?" Norah drew an interesting picture of God and Jesus (both skinny, bearded figures) and the Holy Spirit (a turquoise triangle). Beside each of them was a curious brown scribble symbolizing their power. Art really does reveal so much of the artist's personality.

Anyway, long before they ran out of drawing ideas, it was time to brush teeth and go to bed. Since the girls' room is still in shambles, Norah's mattress has been temporarily placed in the boys' room. This arrangement should not transform bed time into social hour, but she doesn't seem to understand this. Ah well. If they don't settle down to an 8:30 PM bedtime on their own, the 6:30 AM wake up-and-hurry life that is merely a week away will soon force them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feelings, Family, Friends

Summer life around the new Ruffer Homestead has been short of relaxing. However, I always make time to over-analyze my feelings (it is important to have priorities and stick with them). Analysis to date: I don't feel quite at home here, but I am happy. Some rooms have a certain homeyness to them, others are still generic feeling despite being inhabited by our messes. The upstairs bathroom is the most serene room as of yet. This is good, no doubt, because we all spend time there throughout the day.
The amount of work is a little over-whelming to both Corey and me. We naturally deal with this in different ways: he is outside working and I am inside ignoring dirty dishes and walls that need attention. I'm giving myself five more minutes here before I launch attack on the kitchen and then start scraping old wallpaper (who's bright invention was that?).
Briefly then, I'm trying to put together a family party to say goodbye to Mike & Mandi & Ezra. If you know them and can come on Labor Day weekend, please do. We'll even find a bed for you if you want to make it overnight.
Also, please pray for our friends, the Throne family, whose newest member has been suffering seizures and is hospitalized at St. Vincent's. Read all about Meg Avery Throne, and offer petitions for her and her family.