Monday, October 18, 2010

Here, There and Nowhere Near

I really want to write about some recent misbehavior among my offspring, but I am afraid that others would laugh at what I find tiresome. Surely I will laugh someday about these things, but I am just not there yet.

Where am I? Well, currently I am in the throes of fall, which has suddenly remembered it is meant to be a chilly season. Cooler temperatures find me baking bread, cleaning house and eating root vegetables -- or at least thinking about how I should be doing such things. In actuality, I find myself berating each day's slippery progress through my fingers. How can 24 hours move so quickly? And why do I feel as though I were sleep-walking through most of these speeding hours? Morning:
Think about hygiene (eh. wet hair is freezing, let's pony-tail).
Tip-toe downstairs for some coffee (reheated if I never drank yesterday's second cup) and a few minutes reading and praying. By myself. Or with a very small furry and tailed, uninvited friend. Or with a small child who shouldn't be awake yet and sits shushing herself on my lap.
Suddenly it is afternoon and I can't remember what happened or where it happened, but I have not caught up to whatever and wherever it was supposed to be.

I am ready for April. Time to slough off this pregnancy brain. Because I will be sleeping so much more with a fifth child in the house, I'm sure.