Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck O' the (diluted) Irish

 My Irish blood is pretty diluted by Scots and history at this point.  My children's Irish DNA has been overwhelmed by the German immigrants of the nineteenth centuries.
But we're still lucky, I guess.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Mother Plagiarizer

Please note, this post is completely lifted from the pages of my oldest son's school journal, spelling and grammar mistakes included.  I require that my children write every {school} day.  I was thinking about making the same requirement of myself, but I wondered if writing would become too much of a chore, like dishes and laundry and cooking and sweeping and teaching and running and showering and... I have too many requirements that I'm failing already.  Let's just keep it the way it is.

You know what they say about March. March comes in like a lion a goes out like a lamb. In 21 day ginger will be two and 15 more days until her birthday party. She is going to share it with our cousin, Login, and speaking of Login she is going to be a big sister in July.
I was sick yesterday and the day before that, so I didn't write in you Journal though I'm still not 100% today. More like 95%.

I ask you, what kind of mother makes her son do school work when he's only 95%?  
Login, whose real name is something very close, is indeed going to be a big sister in July. Her mother announced it on her photography blog, so I guess it's alright for WPaul to announce it in his Journal. Yay for cousins!