Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hot, Irritable and Blessed

I'm afraid that I have been letting This Heat wave to negatively affect my attitude.  Everyone is out to irritate me.  I don't feel like cleaning up after my children in this ever-stickier house.  I'm tired of not sleeping well. Whah, whah blessed whah...
Remember how much I love lists?  Well, this morning is obviously the right time to make a "Count Your Blessings, Honour" list.  I recruited my oldest three children to help me and we sat around the kitchen table with the littlest wandering around our legs.  I think the setting may have influenced our list a bit, but here are

25 Blessings
(not listed in order of importance)
  1. Food - we have plenty to eat!
  2. Shelter - our house
  3. Sauder Village membership
  4. Piano Lessons - we can learn music
  5. Money - we have enough for our needs
  6. Jesus - God the Son who paid our sin debt
  7. God - who loves us completely
  8. Friends
  9. Air Conditioner
  10. Syrup - to make pancakes & waffles even better!
  11. Dishes - we don't have to eat on our bare hands or the bare table
  12. Toaster waffles - breakfast can be fast & yummy
  13. Family
  14. A Kitchen table - that moves around easily for cleaning the floor
  15. Cupboards - to hold our dishes & food
  16. Babies - to reproduce us (so the human race keeps going on)
  17. Refrigerator - to keep our milk cold
  18. Pitchers on the ball field
  19. Mommy - she gives us food and reproduces
  20. Teeth - to eat with
  21. Milk - to give us strong bones
  22. Daddy - he is fun
  23. Fans - to cool us off
  24. Books - help us learn
  25. Dolly our puppy

Can you tell which person contributed which item? 
 Hint: I don't use the word "reproduce."


  1. Just wondering with the word, "reproduce", if you were trying to tell us something. Thanks for the clarification :-) I'll look forward to your next one any time. You are mightily blessed but believe you me, w/o air-conditioning, I'm one big, whiny mess and really empathize with you in this heat.

  2. I actually look forward to going to work. Just sometimes. Because it's cold there.... But don't tell anyone I said that.

  3. Love the emphasis on reproduction! :)