Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gone and Back

I hate strongly dislike feeling obligated to provide excuses, so I am not going to give one for my long blog absence.

Glad we got that out of the way.

It wasn't really a pleasant start to our conversation here, was it?

I will try again.

Hi. My name is Honour and...
In a world of over-abundant housework....
Fresh off a plane from the 12 hours in the future, I have decided to tackle my declining blog.

This is much harder than I thought it would be.  Rather like swimming in less-than-warm water, it is probably best to just plunge in without preamble. So pretend this ambling didn't occur.

I was gone.
I very recently returned from two weeks spent volunteering in a foster home for special needs children. Before we left, members of our team were asked to list our "skills" that might be of greatest use in serving these children.  Guess what I discovered about myself? I have few no exceptional skills. I am not the doctor, teacher, nurse or physical therapist that these children need. I'm just a mom, but not theirs.
What could I do in two weeks' time?
I played with blocks, read books, hugged, rocked, sang, danced, made silly faces, wiped hands and noses, cajoled, giggled... and I prayed silent prayers over each child that plopped themselves in my lap and wound themselves tightly around my heart. Prayers for long life, for health, for broken hearts to be restored, for homes and families to find these waiting treasures.  For two weeks I loved these little ones, these remarkable ones, these precious children.
At times it seems this world wants "special needs" people to be tucked away and kept out of sight.  But they are not out of God's sight. He rejoices over them, I know it.  He keeps them "tucked away" - not out of his sight - but close to his heart, protected and treasured.

Now I'm back.
Plunged right back into the not-exceptional-but-oh-so-privileged role of motherhood. I really like it: hugging, reading books, singing, silly faces, shuttling to and from school, fixing breakfast, washing up, hunting down the socks wadded up under furniture... even scrubbing out showers.  While I was away, my husband discovered that my "job" was easier than I made it look. Maybe it was all the spreadsheets I left around the house, detailing who was caring for what and when.  Maybe it was the freezer full of casseroles I prepared ahead of time.  Or maybe my job is simple, just like my skill set.  I see that we are perfectly matched, this life and I.