Monday, July 9, 2012

Mommy Dearest

N.Belle is helping me write today's post.
My beloved Norah Belle
 So what should we write about, now that we have a great picture?
How about if we describe each other?  My turn first.
Norah is very smart, sociable and silly.  She has eyes that used to be blue but grow more green every day.  Right now they seem to be settling into a dark, marbley, mossy green.  Is there an official name for such a color?  Norah loves to draw, color, write stories, dance, SWIM, play with her brothers (mostly thwarting their teasing) and sisters (mostly telling them what to play).  She is a feisty little girl, but with a good measure of sweetness mixed in.  Norah loves Jesus, her mom and dad, her siblings, her cousins, her grandparents, her friends, her uncles and aunts... Norah has a lot of loving going on!  And all these people love Norah back.  She's quite lovable.

Now, it's time to turn it over to Norah, and she will describe me.
With my beloved little girls.
So what should we write about Mom?  She likes to drink coffee.  And she's drinking it right now.  My mom acts like a screaming little girl {what?} and she yells at me sometimes. {Gee, thanks.}  She makes me have to do my own laundry {Hey! I don't make you do the laundry!} I mean, put away my laundry, but I don't.  She watches us swim sometimes - but not mostly, my dad usually does this.  I cook with her.  She makes yummy lasagna.  She loves Jesus. {even though I yell at my kids?} She loves her daughter, Norah.  She loves her husband.  She loves her boys and her little girls.  That's all. {Actually, I love a lot more people than just these, but she's right: they're the ones I love the most.}

Mother issues much, Norah?  I'm including this final picture because she wanted me to.  And maybe it can remind her that what goes around comes around, in braids and life.

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