Monday, May 23, 2011

Smelling the Summer

I came downstairs early today, courtesy of Ginger and her night of good sleep. An open window filled our house with the smell of a wet summer morning. It is a cool, fresh smell; before the heat of the day turns the dampness to sticky, almost mildew. Smells are strong memory cues, and summer is resplendent in their happy reminiscence.

Insect repellent is a family camping trip, delighting in the pain of sleeping outside.
Pond water is late nights with college friends, proving our adulthood by staying up too late.
Wood smoke is a charred hot dog, a toasty marshmallow, laughing and singing songs no one likes except by fireside.
Cut grass is a chore that I was willing, but not called upon to do. (I guess straight lines matter to some people.)
Coppertone is hot, sweaty sunshine on the beach, by the pool, atop the trampoline (sorry for the grease spot, brothers) anywhere that I could spread my towel beside a friend and lay about for lazy conversation with our eyes shut against the UVB.

I love me some summertime!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Embarrassed Me

I just read through my last photo-filled post and noticed several spots in need of editing. Oops! Guess my current typing method needs a little tweaking. As Norah proudly told a dinner guest on Friday, "Mom mom can nurse a baby and eat and be on the computer all at the same time!"

Maybe I should try disentangling just one of those great activities from the other two.

Here's a bit of adorable to make up for those former mistakes:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making Smiles

This has not been an easy first week of May. Ugly, wretchedly painful heartache has touched some of those dearest to my heart. When those you love are hurt you hurt right alongside; the world seems full of tears and frowns.

Saturday it was time to find some smiles. I did not have to look far.

Saturday Morning Pancakes. Family breakfast food made by someone not me. Huge smiles there -- I {heart} breakfast food and I {big heart} food made by someone else.

Here is this morning's cook, enjoying the fruits of his own labor! This son of mine and the love and kindness he shows make me smile - even when he doesn't make breakfast!

And this little bundle of giggles makes me smile through out each day, but I wish she would acknowledge the clever invention of forks.

And who doesn't smile at consistency? Sammy and his cereal are not to be soon parted. He couldn't even manage to look at the camera. Silly boy.

Here is a smile that is missing a piece. It's a big deal.

The sight of the third generation to sleep in this "Moses Basket" makes me smile. Actually, anytime this child is not crying makes me smile.

I have been finding baby dolls wherever our real baby belongs. Funny that.

The intensity of her frown amused me.

Home-grown flowers... smiles inside and outdoors!

A niece that melts my heart with her simple goodness... she is a very peaceful child, gently smiling throughout the day at Aunt Honour's.

Ginger's first ride in the old stroller. She? Now she's smiling too!

Country Kid's slip-n-slide. I wanted to laugh aloud at this, but I made them turn off the hose (our yard is saturated already!)

Old-time gardening, with a technology boost: getting advice garden side advice from his mom. The juxtaposition made me chuckle. Also, taking the picture on an angle (which annoys him sometimes) made me chuckle. But that was a little bit mean, I guess.


See how easy? Grab a camera and walk around your house LOOKING for happiness. It will cheer you up... at least for a minute.