Friday, December 28, 2012

Romance in the Santa

I've delayed writing this post for several reasons, not the least of which is my heaviness of heart.  This month has been filled with stories of loss, of pain.  Many families in my community and in communities just like mine are scorched with mourning this December.  It seems careless to discuss the silly things with which my own children fill thier days. 
But ignoring the presence of my own blessings will not ease others' pain.  I am all too aware of the brevity of life and the frailty of children.  Therefore I must notice, I must mark the delights of these little ones that pack my house with yelling and toys.

Several months ago, I bought a large plastic Santa figure at a garage sale.  Normally, I do not like Santa Claus (I know, I know... Grinchy little me) not to mention light-up outdoor figurines, but the kitschy-ness of this jolly old fellow captured my imagination.  I am not sure how old he is, but the seller told me that he had decorated her mother's house for at least 40 years.  Does that make him vintage? I find him charming; my father said he belongs on a porch with a washer, drier and couch somewhere in the hills. Santa never made his way to the attic, but sat in the hallway upstairs waiting for Thanksgiving to end.  So far, Santa has not made his way outside either, but has sat in various corners of our living room, dining room and kitchen.  He's even been known to prank a few people here and there.  See? I knew he holds some vintage charm.

When I was emptying pictures off my camera card, I discovered that I am not the only one unable to resist the Old Guy's charms.  Very carefully, as shown below, my daughters staged a wedding between Willa (newly 4) and Kris Kringle (age undetermined).

Officiated by the bride's older sister, the ceremony was filled with the necessary formalities.

Such as, "you may kiss the groom - after you've wiped off his plastic face."

I love the way she's gazing with pure admiration into his blank, fixed eyes.

The formal pose.  Has she been over-influenced by recent family weddings? Do we watch too many romantic Disney movies?  Is that even possible?
Notice the boxes of Christmas ornaments in the background. It takes us forever to get stuff around.  I wonder how long we have to wait before consigning my new-but-ancient son-in-law to the attic with other seasonal decorations?  He should feel safe for a few weeks after New Year's Day.  We don't do anything in a hurry at this house.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Too Much Information

I like to consider myself a mild conservationist when it comes to hygiene.  Case in point: I have been shaving my legs with the same razor since June.  Only by late November, the process could not honestly be called shaving. 

Today I buckled and replaced June's razor.  Although I don't know why I couldn't wait until the New Year.

Next, I opened a box of band-aids.