Sunday, February 28, 2010

Press The Time

'Tis time I wrote more than a FaceBook status or two each day. Who doesn't love expressing their thoughts? Who doesn't often think, "Oh, I just thought a clever think"?
Other People would enjoy reading my cleverness. I will write it down, or type it out, just as soon as I finish this next most pressing task.
But more tasks press down, press the time clear out of my day. I don't type. I don't exercise. I don't have coffee with friends. The diapers, the meals, the picked-up toys and swept-up rooms are important, I know they are. But no one else remembers them. I remember them, and their memory pushes the clever thoughts away. I want to have more on my mind.

Thanks to my cousin Mary Clare, whose two first names rise and fall in perfect rhythm, for telling me to write.