Tuesday, February 1, 2011

28 Pictures of Love

I am embarking on a month-long project. It wasn't my idea, so you are more than welcome to borrow it. I'm posting one picture for each day of the month of February. Since this is the month of Valentines, each picture will represent love in someway. I'm sure some of my representations will be rather far-fetched and cheesy; you'll just have to bear with my fetchingness and love for cheese.
In all seriousness, looking for a picture of love in each day should be a good exercise for my 7-month-pregnant-and-given-to-grumpiness self. I believe that expressions of God's love are all around us, but I'm usually not taking notice.
So let's look for love, people! Check out my friends, Brian and Amy Shaw, (originators of this idea) and their blog for details and join in the fun! While you're there, you'll find yourself challenged by their lives and their passion for children around the world.
This should be fun and good for us all!

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