Thursday, February 17, 2011

17/28 (Love)

Love is comforting a sick child and ignoring the housework.
I have a chore list from here to next week. But she's had a fever and been in my arms nearly all day. During her nap, I got a few tasks completed. When the boys returned from school, she was entertained by them for a brief time while I checked another item off my list. For the most part, however, today has not been very productive. I do not like unproductive days.
When she so willingly allowed me to put her "key-key yammies" (monkey jammies) on her instead of insisting that she do it herself...
When she laid down in her bed so willingly, snuggled under her "bebe" (blankie) and waited until I retrieved the camera...
When she turned to look at me through the crib bars and said "love mommy" as I clicked away...
I remembered that I don't love my house, clean or dirty, I love the little people inside it.


  1. That's beautiful Honor. Such a good reminder to me. Too many days the house is my highest priority and I don't intentionally engage with my kidlets anywhere as much as I need to.

  2. like!!! like YOU! like YOUR HEART! and always like WILLA!