Wednesday, February 9, 2011

9/28 (Love)

Don't rush to conclusions; this isn't a picture of how much I love my daughter (although I do very much) this is a picture of how Norah showed love to me this evening. I love love love to "fix" little girl hair. She hates hates hates the pain of having her hair "fixed." But tonight, at her own suggestion (quickly pounced upon by me, of course) we put 5 french braids in her hair so she can have "wavy" hair tomorrow. She sat perfectly still and uncomplaining through the whole process. Thank you, sweetie... I love you too.


  1. i love the wavy braid hair the next morning...i also love norah's rolled eyes picture.

  2. the rolled-eyes picture looks like she has a bit of attitude, but really, I had told her to make a serious face and she found she couldn't do it while looking straight at me. :)