Sunday, November 21, 2010


It is past my bedtime, as it has now become Sunday morning. Getting all of us clean and ready for church seems difficult enough after a full night of rest. So why am I still up?
It is not that I cannot sleep easily. Ask the Mister; I fall asleep quickly and inopportunely.
And it is not that I find myself amidst a vital, uncompleted task. I have completed everything I purposed to do today. (There are those freshly baked cookies waiting to be boxed up, but can you call baked goods vital?)
No child is sick. No worries press me down. No one is telling me to go to bed.

Ah. There it is. I am the grown-up now. I guess I want to be irresponsible. Though there will be consequences, I am enjoying this moment. I hope I remember this feeling and draw a breath of patience with my exhausted self and the demanding others. Others whose mother (me) made them go to bed at a decent hour. Maybe it will teach me a lesson on taking care of my body with proper nutrition (no cookies after 9 pm) and adequate rest.

But probably not.

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