Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping Today

An Official Scrapbook Expert once told me that you should "start where you are."  That is, begin with chronicling the present, do not first attempt to catch up all those years that you're behind in your photo albums.  Work on now, keep today up-to-date and then little by little - if you have energy remaining - go back and remember what has fallen behind.

I don't scrapbook anymore.
But I think it is advice that can carry over to blogging, right?

So, let's forget the last several weeks of my bloggity blog silence and just chronicle today.  Maybe tomorrow, if I have energy remaining, I'll give a presentation of our just-passed Christmas Break.

Today something incredible happened.
I created a lengthy to-do list.
This is not that unusual; I love lists, and I always make them way too long.

Today's List included typical near-the-end-of-the-week stuff: laundry, cooking, bathrooms, dusting, sweeping, blah, blah, blah... Today's List also included holidays-just-past stuff: move the Christmas Shrub to the porch, carry boxes of ornaments to the attic, gather up all the Christmas books and nativity scenes, etc. etc.  To state the obvious: Today's List was too long.  By 10:30 AM (half-way through my most productive hours) I had only checked one item off.  Incidentally, that item was already complete when I made my list.  List confession: sometimes I purposefully include tasks that have already been accomplished just so I can have at least one check mark. 

I {heart} checks. 
In all forms. 
But I digress.
Back to Today's List:
It's done.
Full of checks.
Hey, that wasn't digressing after all.
I {heart} checks.  On lists. In the mail. Tiny little checks on tiny little dresses.  Big "buffalo" checks.  I {heart} them all.

And I {heart} typing {heart} instead of finding a little symbol to show my affection.

I think I need a fancy pair of shoes to click in celebration.

Or maybe some shiny new teeth to giggle through.

Because you know I'm clicking and giggling all over the place on account of all those check marks. 
They're unprecedented.


  1. Honour, your blogs are enviably good writing - you capture the flavor of life even without the equally wonderful pictures!

    Somebody - honestly can't remember who - told me always to make the first item on the list "Make List" so that at the end I would already have something to check off.

    Thank you for your blog, your example and your honesty.

  2. Mary said it perfectly - "your blogs are enviably good writing, you capture the flavor of life even without the equally wonderful pictures!"

    The end of this one left a smile for awhile.

  3. thank you for your kindness, Mary & Kristen!

  4. Love this. And you. -Did you see that you inspired my last blog post? But no one has commented, so....I'm obviously not very popular. Nevertheless-I agree with your statement in regards to blogging- & lots of things. Start where you are is good advice.