Friday, January 20, 2012

Seed Potato Flood

So I ventured down to my basement grocery store to get ingredients for the evening meal.  My list:
Potatoes from The Man's garden plunder (stored in large plastic bins, I think maybe from our Christmas shrubs past).
2 # Beef from some relatives cow.

I found six inches of water in the basement, flooding anything stored on the floor, including The Man's Seed Potatoes.  I know he values his garden stuffs, even if he does store them on the floor, so I called him right away. He took care of the water (because he's a hero like that) while I watched YouTube videos with the kids.  Hey, I didn't want them to go swimming down there, which is naturally what kids would want to do, right?

I am not sure what distinguishes a "Seed Potato" from a regular "Potato" except, perhaps, for the presence of "Eyes."  Does this mean they're alive?  Am I a hero for rescuing them from the flood or a villain for eating them?

It is more complicated than you might think.

I call this Potato Nude.

I think the lipstick makes her look a little trashy.  Plus, she has some serious dirt crusted on her skin(s).
So maybe it was OK to eat her.
Wait a minute. 


  1. Oh the hilarity! Loved your Mr. and Mrs. Potato heads/bodies. Never a dull moment at your house for sure. :)