Sunday, January 15, 2012

Don't Call Me Tonight

Are you all ready?  Tonight is episode 2! [big grins all around.] It's back to the parentals for our little Downton Party.  I think I'll make some tiny cucumber sandwiches to nibble on - daintily - while I demolish the visual loveliness that is this miniseries.

So far, I have a few favorites.
Of course, I always have favorites.  With the exception of my own children, every set of anything (colors, numbers, egg dishes, sweatshirts, Seinfeld episodes, Billie Halliday melodies, vacations, tampons) presents an opportunity to choose a favorite. 
My favorite Downton characters?

Sweet little stupid Daisy.  I love her stutters, little head shakes, earnest explanations and stumbling about the kitchen.

The grandmother who loves, meddles, protects and is always right, even when most assuredly wrong.

Enjoy tonight's show!

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