Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This Post Has Nothing To Do With Christmas

I bought a new calendar today.
We're less than two weeks out from 2012.  I just had a little trouble typing those numbers, I tell you.  How can that be? The year, I mean, not the new calendar.

It is a cutesy Mary Engelbreit number, not nearly as happy to me as the Dick and Jane 2011, but it was cheap and a much better choice than "Cleveland 2012" or "Precious Moments 2012" which were among my other options at the Big Box.  Really? Cleveland? Who wants a whole year of Cleveland, except maybe Cleveland's mom and is anyone sure that she really exists?

Care to guess the first thing I wrote in my new calendar?
Hint: It is pretty awesome.
Hint: It involves TV (something I don't have here at the Rural Route 2 Residence) and so...
Hint: It takes place at my parents' home.

Do you need more hints?
How about a really obvious video hint?
But only because I love watching this trailer...

Downton Abbey.
Prepare yourself.

In other, slightly less exciting, perhaps even disturbing, news: every single Saturday of January and February 2012 has "basketball" written on it.   Yep. Every single one.  Yay. Rah. Trying to contain my excitement over here.  What's the emoticon for resignation?

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