Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekend Endeavors

If not for the lengthy "honey do" list, yesterday was destined to be a boring Saturday for Corey. He had no outside projects he could do in the pouring rain, no work scheduled, not even a single friend or neighbor calling for computer help. Maybe it was sheer boredom that drove him to hang pictures and vacuum ceilings for his largely pregnant and reportedly grouchy wife, but I like to think that he was motivated by love. I can honestly say that having the house ordered and clean makes me a much happier individual. Joy can be had in any environment, but let's just allow this brief season of "nesting," OK?

So here are some pictures of our freshly-painted living and dining rooms. I'm not taking the time to set them up in an orderly sequence, nor am I fixing them up in photoshop... I hope whoever is reading this enjoys them anyway!

Dining room from kitchen doorway. And yes, that is the table that Corey rescued from the garbage and refinished. What can I say folks? He's amazing.
View from the "front" door. This is my favorite little coffee-and-visit corner. Someday maybe I'll recover the chairs, but for now I like them just the way I found them before "vintage" was quite so popular.
We don't really consider her part of the furnishings -- she moves around too much for that -- but she loves having her picture taken. Who could resist that smile?
Dining room, as seen from coffee-and-visit side.
Living room with dark green walls. I love love love this color! Someday we'll do something different with the fireplace (not shown here), but we can't exactly decide what we want. We're leaving it "as is" for now, and we found that the eucalyptus walls truly set the bricks off nicely!

One final Willa Bean shot. This is her special cow. She won't always rock away in the dining room, but for now she's OK in this empty corner and Willa is happy.


  1. Honour-It's simply stunning. Congratulations on a job well done to you & Corey.

  2. Oh, Aliese! It was a job well done by Corey and his mother. I only picked out colors and hung up the curtains. Seriously. They did all the hard work.

  3. I love the green! It looks great!

  4. What is the name of that green? Love it! Also really love that little coffee nook. I want to visit your new house!

  5. Oh- forgot to mention-I also love Willa's dress! Did you make that?

  6. The green is Eucalyptus something from Benjamin Moore. I don't remember the number.
    Marlo! Please come see me! (and yes, I did make Willa's dress.)