Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flexible Endeavors

Today I purposed to make some progress on my lengthy "Sew Before Baby" list.
My sewing machine had some other ideas. Like going on vacation, for example, while amidst a pile of specially-purchased but unused fabric and patterns. Or staging a protest for unfair treatment of broken needles and bent pins. Or suing for damages due to emotional distress ("You leave me down here in the basement, and only come see me when you need something! Well, I have needs too!")

So I changed my plans.
Fixed a large dinner with my five-year-old. (And froze half! Yay The Kylie project!)
Ironed and hung clean curtains in the freshly-painted living room.
Withstood (and withsat) some very painful pains.
And pretended that I didn't care.
No pictures.

I think I need to have a Musicals of the Decades Marathon party, because it's been awhile since I enjoyed the movies and songs that I love the most. And because I keep finding reasons to sit down, just not in front of the rebellious sewing machine. Who wants to join me?

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  1. A Musicals of the Decades Marathon party? I'm so in!