Friday, March 4, 2011

Small {People} Endeavors

My favorite project today had nothing to do with Baby #5, except that being pregnant certainly made me look a little ridiculous. Today was Pajama Day at Norah's preschool. Since it is her week to be leader, (which means it is her mom's week to provide snack) I lugged my waffle-maker and ingredients into the church/preschool kitchen to make hot waffles for 12 preschoolers. They were so cute in their pj's and tennis shoes. Their teacher had them line up a safe distance from the waffle preparations and watch how "Ms. Honour / Norah's Mom" makes waffles. I felt a bit like a celebrity chef, despite my extra-large belly beneath the apron.

The mess we brought home.

The pajama-clad preschooler we brought home. Isn't she just the cutest?

My second favorite accomplishment was checking something off my Sew Before Baby list without the help of my sewing machine. (Ha! Take that!) I didn't take a picture, but I decorated some onsies for a darling little baby named Ivy Sue. (Isn't that the sweetest name?) I haven't met her yet, but I love her mommy and so I'm sure I will love her too, even if it is just because she has a terrific name.

The only "prepare for baby" things I did today were shopping for a coming home outfit (such fun) and napping. Obviously these were necessary chores, but if I must justify them, let me say:

  • I cannot bring my new love home naked

  • I a nap was essential for baby's development, for my sanity and for the betterment of my household and my older children.

One last fun thing: Texting daddy on a pink toy phone while eating lunch. The message that couldn't wait until after mealtime? "Daddy, you are the goofiest."

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