Monday, March 14, 2011

Uncertain Endeavor

My two year old is easily the cutest around. She is pretty smart too.

And she is about to have her world shaken upside down.

I have been trying to prepare her for baby's arrival, but success in this endeavor is uncertain.

She has helped get out all the baby clothes, cooing over each tiny onsie. "Baby's," she says in a sugary sweet voice; then she tries on the too-small hats and unfolds the soft receiving blankets. She still seems to be retaining some ownership.
Patting the sides of the cradle, she informs us "Baby sleep here." However, she is suddenly attached to her own crib, as fascinating as the big girly bed (purchased to be shared between two sisters) was just last month. Subtly resisting change?

Getting her dressed to go "bye bye" has never been an issue. Now she seems to purposefully delay each departure with particular needs for a particular bag, a particular pair of shoes, a particular jacket, a particular set of gloves. Great; in another two weeks we will have an infant in a car seat and her particular two year old self to carry out to the car -- and there is no doubt someone will be screaming if the particulars are left at home.
She has a group of favorite books that she "reads" to herself at naptime. Today, as I tucked her blankey around her and settled the small stack atop her lap she looked up at me and said, "My books... baby no read my books."

Oh boy. What is sharing Mommy's lap going to look like?


  1. I so remember that time with Rhys. About a month before Molli was born, he started to act just a little bit suspicious and to have changes in his behavior. Poor little things...

  2. How have your others reacted? To me it seemed they go between "What baby? to "May I kiss the baby all day, every second of the day please please please? And I have a feeling you won't mind her wanting to retain some of her baby qualities when she suddenly seems so huge after you have the new baby. So excited for you! (How much longer now?)