Saturday, May 4, 2013

Random Thoughts Strung With Tenuous Thread

You would not believe the difficulties I just dreamed my way through in order to get to Zumba class.  When I found myself topless in the woods, my arms hopelessly tangled in my sports bra, I realized that I must be dreaming and I sat down to wait until I woke up.  There is no way I am missing Zumba this morning - it is the most fun workout I've ever done.  Not that I'm a workout expert.  I just like making faces at the instructor because she's a relative [small town issue] and I take it upon myself to lighten her load. And also to get her out of sync.
After I woke up, I snapped this picture with my phone:

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my bed invaded by a toddler.  Although small for her age, she understands how to position herself to increase her holdings.  The bundled shape in the left half of the bed is my husband. The remaining edge was where I had been dreaming 30 seconds before.  It is no wonder I dreamed of hardship, trying to maintain that precarious balance.

Yesterday morning, Sambonini brought down his dirty laundry without being asked.   What a grownup kid!  Of course this means he was out of clean underwear. But I'm glad he's reached the maturity level where wearing yesterday's dirties is unappealing.

I have a crazy-lot of work to do today.  Too bad I am out of paper so I can't print my to-do list. Has anyone noticed that kids these days don't practice the conservation that they preach?  The idea of using the backside of a sheet of paper seems to be deplorable to them.

Right now I'm trying to decide if I should have a egg and avocado sandwich for breakfast or granola.  Both options make me feel so earthy. My kids are helping themselves in the kitchen, so I'd better go in there and choose.  [Avocado rhymes with bravado, so it's pulling ahead right now. Is there anything special that granola rhymes with?]

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