Monday, May 13, 2013

Over Anticipater, Not Over Achiever

Sometimes I get excited easily. I over-anticipate and make too much of an upcoming event and then crash in a burst bubble of failed expectations.
Sometimes I go totally low-key and last minute about stuff and then bask in the surprising awesomeness of the outcome.
I mix-and-match these beginnings and endings. I have illustrated with a flowchart.

Interestingly enough, this flowchart in itself started in the happy yellow circle, but has ended up in the descending gray arrow. Design is not really my forte.  I think Pinterest is an excellent example of this optimism/pessimism pattern.

Anyway, today is my Birthday. I have not over-anticipated the day, and it totally shows in my housekeeping. Also in my homeschooling.  Friday we had to cancel school for the day because our trip to the health department for vaccinations took much longer than I had scheduled. Also, those shot-up kids didn't feel very well after the microbes of disease were coursing through their veins.  It turns out, when you wait until a kid is big to get shots they get a whole lot at once.  Incidentally, the dosages don't increase, just the number of shots available to them.
Vaccinations are a controversial subject.  I only like controversy when it's pronounced the British way, (con-TRAUV-eh-see) so let's just not talk about it unless we can do so with a proper voice.
Since Friday's schoolwork was displaced by Friday's controversial injections, it has become Monday's Assignments.  Easy, right? Because everyone likes to start their week out with a few spelling tests amid the loads of laundry and dishes and leftover food that must be eaten.
Between Weston's birthday party on Friday night and my birthday today, it has been a four-day weekend of Bad-{for Waistline}Foods: Burgers, Chips and Ice Cream, followed by Donuts, Hot Dogs and Pizza, then Ribs and Pecan Pie with no random bursts of running anywhere in the mix.  Tonight the Daddy and I are going to go on a date which of course means eating high-calorie foods and someone whispering to the server that it's my birthday in hopes that they'll present me with a free dessert.  This also means that I should try to hide some of the evidence of the weekend's crazy fun (i.e., clean the bathrooms and wash the dishes) before the babysitter shows up.
I'm all about starting in the purple circle today.

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