Thursday, December 1, 2011

Me Time

I've been complaining lately - as my husband can testify - that I don't really get to spend much time on my own trivial pursuits.  Mom Life is incredibly rewarding, but emotionally taxing.  When I'm done with the end of each day's laundry, cooking, dishes, toy-picking-up and toilet scrubbing, I don't usually have energy to tackle the fun projects.  Yesterday I decided that the dishes, toys and toilets would all stick around until tomorrow.  I lugged my mother's sewing machine out of the flooded basement and stitched out a few items on my "Christmas Sewing List."  I did accomplish something, but my surroundings degenerated into sloven.  Is "sloven" a word? 
Hang on.
I have to look that up.
sloven [ˈslʌvən]

a person who is habitually negligent in appearance, hygiene, or work
[probably related to Flemish sloef dirty, Dutch slof negligent]

So my house, as many years as it has been around, has not achieved person status.  Thus, my surroundings (i.e., the rooms of my home) could not have become a sloven.  They did suffer my negligence in their appearance.  Still, I do like using words that are related to Flemish & Dutch.  I haven't had any Flemish relatives before.

I'm off subject again, aren't I?

Anyway.  Time for my own pursuits.  I've got to type quickly, as the taco meat is going to burn (it is Thursday, people!)

Good News: I am going to have a little "Me Time" today.  Several hours of it! And it's going to cost lots of money!  Woo-hoo!

Bad News: Today's "Me Time" is brought to us by the dentist. Yuckity-yuck.  I have some emotional baggage from my dental past.  Maybe this is due to being a sloven.

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  1. Hahaha, Honour you are so funny. I love your thoughts and the ways you share them. And I love you for your craziness, perception, and devotion. My head nearly fell off nodding through this post, thinking Uh-huh, yep, that's me too! Crazy wonderful rewarding motherhood life springing a leak on the personal Me time.

    Enjoy my friend, enjoy.