Friday, December 2, 2011

Dear Old Deers

December 2010

I just elevated (or lowered) my blog to one of those frequented by red-neck types, didn't I?  Maybe I'm just trying to broaden my base.

Well, it's that time of year.

I may not believe in Santa, but I sure as heck am convinced that Rudolph is real. And his cousin is dead.

The Man of the House is out and about seeking the Bambi types for slaughter.  I can only guess that hunting is not politically correct, (I can only guess because I'm never sure about anything politically anymore) but it should be.  Think of the benefits:
1. Venison is a very, very lean red meat.  If masked in chili seasoned and prepared properly, it is also tolerable delicious.  If you've had "Bad Deer Meat" it was probably from a bad deer cook, not a bad deer.

2. According to Wikipedia and Ohio DNR, the Deer Population in Ohio is over-grown.  Basically, deer are becoming a pest because most of their natural predators (bear, wolves, man) don't bother to go out and get a hunting licence and deer tag.  Without a license and tag, it is illegal to kill a deer with anything but your car.  Of course, if you consult peace chickens, the deer were here first and therefore have a right to pester you all they want.  But if you do not consult the chickens, deer hunting is a time-honored tradition that helps keep the deer population (also known as the herd count) at sustainable levels.

3. Hunting deer uses up bullets that could otherwise be used to kill people and their best friends.

4. OK, I can't think of any more benefits.  Except that it gives pencil pushers and keyboard tappers a chance to don camouflage and traipse through the woods and mud.  [ *Quiet Giggle.* I just used the word "traipse" in reference to The Man of the House. And then I giggled. Quietly.]

I'm proud to have cooked for hunters today. 
I served chicken.
I bought it at the supermarket.  
Because I don't hunt.  I think that killing thing is gross.  Honestly, I had to type this whole post with the box scrolled all the way to the bottom, just so I wouldn't have to look at that dead deer butt at the top of my screen.  I'm really tired of this topic. It is so off-base for me.  Do red-necks even have computers?

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  1. it. Even if you dont hunt at least you see the benefits of it. Just sitting in the quiet can be a benefit too. A good place to think (aka sleep).