Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mood Swing Much?

Today I played with my kids. 
True story.

Snow Shower
Snow Shower  
Chance of Snow50%

It was too cold to send them outdoors for the scheduled 30 minutes of recess/physical education/run-around-screaming-until-you're-worn-out-enough-to-listen-to-your-afternoon-lessons.  I would have felt guilty staying  in the relative warmth of the house while I sent my young'ns in such frigid air, even if they do have a barn for shelter.  Of course, I didn't really want to give up said warmth, relative or not, so I kept them in.

We played tag for 30 minutes.
Yes. We ran in the house.
Yes. I participated.
Yes, I actually enjoyed myself.  In fact, I laughed until I cried just a little. A plus? I grew warm enough to shrug off my cardigan, a nearly unheard of occurrence in this house. It was a pretty intense game of tag, covering all four levels of our house and a rather fluid set of rules.
I felt like one of those fun moms from a different blog.
Then it was time to get back to the serious part of school (i.e., Math).  I was the only one ready to be settle down.
So I yelled at those pesky kids.
I didn't use any bad words, but I certainly displayed my irritation.
Math makes me cold. I had to heat up some coffee and search out my discarded sweater. (Found on a kitchen chair.)
I'm pretty sure moms on other blogs don't follow a truly fun bonding experience with screaming over non-essentials.  Maybe I would have felt less guilty if I'd just let them out in the freezing temperatures.  Maybe.

Maybe I'll make it up to them with some free pie at the bakery. Can National Pie Day rescue my children from my emotional fluctuations?  Does anyone else think that the American Pie Council sounds like a humanitarian aid organization with more calories?

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  1. What?? See I'm all confused because I think you are one of those mom's on the other blogs. Really, I mean it, you are!