Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hellooooooow, I'm a Little Cold Over Here

Buckle your figurative (or literal, if you are that cool) seat belts, because this is a whirl-through of unrelated thoughts and moments from my day.  Mostly (but not all) from that part of my day where I was fixing lunch.

Conversations yelled from one room to the next are the norm in our house, but this one was today's best offering:
Me (fixing lunch in the kitchen): "You want your bread toasted, Sammy?"
Sam (doing Math sums at the dining room table): "What - are you going to use the toaster?"
Me (unobserved eye roll): "That is how I generally toast bread."

Today we learned that trees grow from the top, not the bottom. Which explains why my initials haven't moved since 9-5-90.  This does not explain why I haven't grown any taller since then, but we were talking about trees, not short people.

It is still cold here. Hellooooooow, it is Winter Time. Which I love.  But still, it remains cold. Therefore, I want to eat all the time. If you don't like it, Weight Loss Plan, you can just suck it go and find someone else to go on that guilt trip with you.

I hate Math. On all levels. Like the First Grade level.

My fingernails are in much worse than bad shape. Does anyone have any suggestions for cracking, peeling and ugly nails?

The news guys said that John Kerry has been "preparing for this job his whole life."  What about that part of his life when he was running for president? Was that all in preparation for this appointment?

Obviously someone is confused.

Tonight was Spaghetti Supper at the Ruffer House. Also known as, eat as much as you possibly can. I do love me some spaghetti.

I've been reading Treasure Island. No, not aloud to the kids. Yes, for the first time. So far, it is holding up pretty well against the Muppets version.

Which is saying something.

It is still cold here. Hellooooooow, I live in A Very Old House.  Which I love.  But still, it is cold.  Therefore, I must find alternative heat sources, like turning on the oven to bake cookies. Have we had a similar discussion already?

I have always thought that "hello" should end with a "W." It rhymes with "yellow," right?

True story: One brother texted me and asked for another brother's phone number. I told him it was 757-867-5309.  It would have been funnier if we didn't all have to include area codes.  It would have also been nice if he'd included a tiny personal greeting, but oh well.  I really am ok with the fact that the first brother never calls me and only contacts me when he needs information about another family member. It doesn't hurt a bit. Do you think family issues should stay private? Well, I'm pretty sure no one has read this far, so it's almost like I didn't share anything at all.


  1. i read that far :) totally with you on the last part. i get that a lot. thanks for a good laugh!

  2. Oh yeah...I remember now what I was going to say... :O) Good to know about Treasure Island! I read all of the Little House on the Prairie books earlier this winter and Josh says I'm now the Little House nazi since I keep telling him that it is NOTHING like the tv show. Okay, I've only seen a couple episodes in the past decade. On to Little Women...