Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not Really An Update, Just An Excuse.

Where has Honour been?

Turning the attic into a bedroom for sons.
Dealing with head lice (thankfully only once).
Helping children with homework.
Cuddling little GBaby through a bout of pneumonia.
Obsessing over the thought that my children might have head lice again, and thus combing through their hair an idiotic and annoying amount of times.
Celebrating a First Birthday.
Sewing a teeny tiny bit, dreaming of sewing a lot.
Planning class parties.
Going on field trips.
Contemplating major life changes.
Cleaning house.
Searching for evidences of my US citizenship.
Chasing cats off the porch and the rooster out of the garden.  Ok. Not really. I mostly let them be. But I think about chasing.
Cooking.  Ok. According to some, I've not really been doing that either.  So I've been figuring out how to avoid cooking.
Planning the Little Sisters' new bedroom.
Hanging a new shower curtain.

Doesn't my life sound fascinating and blog-worthy?  I know I could turn some of those activities into posts that would at least entertain my parents.  But I've been lazy in the midst of this busy.  Most of my computer time has been spent with tetris.
Way more interesting than blogging.
I blame it on GBaby's pneumonia.  The falling blocks soothed her and made her less resistant to the Medicine blowing in her face.
Addictive. Legal. Not even against the Ten Commandments.
I think.

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