Saturday, April 10, 2010

Little Red Chicks

Once upon a time 16 Rhode Island Reds named Rosie moved
into my house. With tiny chirps and a heat lamp, they brought great
delight and merriment to my children.
The End.
Only, I hope it is not the end of them. I hope they avoid being eaten by our individually named pets (a dog named The Gipper, and four cats: Beanie Wells, Princess Alice, Lily and Wonka) and grow up to give us lots of delicious brown eggs.

We have Livestock (just "Stock" to the family.) We are Real Country folk now.
We have Livestock in our house. We are Real Peasant folk now.
But they are small, so small Weston was afraid he would hurt them if he held them. And they are the cutest little reddish fluff balls ever. And they are named Rosie. Surely that makes it OK.
And besides, peasants didn't have computers.


  1. oh, had me at "stock"!!!!!!!!

  2. This is so awesome! The closest I've come to this is buying eggs from my neighbor and joining a CSA. You are one brave, brave woman!