Monday, April 26, 2010


I am serious about a cutting garden, even if my executive gardening partner does not take me seriously. The first difficulty is choosing the flowers, since the selection of plants will play a vital part in the selection of ground.

Some Definite Inclusions (because I have the seeds or bulbs already in possession):

What else? I love the simplicity and durability of Shasta Daisies and Black Eyed Susans, so I would like to plant some of each. These lovelies have the additional bonus of being perennials, so I shouldn't have to re-invest in starts year after year. Hollyhocks and Hydrangeas remind me of my grandmother, so of course they should be added. Piki would approve of a cutting garden.

Am I missing something? What flowers would you have me grow?


  1. you had me at snapdragons....although...i must confess, i've never heard of the term 'cutting garden'....learn something new everyday...miss you...

  2. If I can get enough to grow, I'm thinking about selling bouquets @ Archbold weekly farmer's market. Even if I don't end up selling any, I hope to at least have fresh flowers for my own home!