Thursday, April 8, 2010

Death to Kermit and Gender Roles

There are two dead frogs in the driveway. I find frogs disgusting, and although car-squished, these fellows looked too alive. I had walk past them at least seven times, trying not to look but making sure I didn't step on their bumpy, brown bodies. Maybe they were toads. Still gross.

I can't wait to tell the boys about them.

The girls and I went to Kroger today; Norah had her own mini cart for the first time. Strictly for fruit. And vegetables. And the food that she likes. "This is my favorite grocery store," she decided. I loved her happiness, even when she bumped into my heel. Several times.

Probably she would delight in dead frogs as much as her brothers, and they would enjoy a miniature grocery cart as much as she, but it doesn't sound as right to me. Even as a four year old I hated frogs, dead or alive.

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  1. Love this. And I've never seen the little grocery carts but I know my girls would LOVE them.