Monday, March 8, 2010

Not What I Was Going to Say

At one point in today I had Something I wanted to write that was, perhaps, meaningful.


My head and ears hurt, and I am slightly tired. I want to sleep, but really should tidy up a bit, now that the children are washed and abed. Strange, I find this soothing. Before bedtime, the children and I spent about 30 minutes back in the 1970's. What great clothing, what happy faces, what smooth dance moves.

I think we're going to start our own musical family group with groovy choreography. After I feel a little better maybe.

Otherwise, I'm reading a Very Good Book and listening to another Fairly Good Book. Check them out. The Very Good selection was one that my aunt was reading to my grandmother in the last few months of her life. Piki didn't get to hear the end of this sweet novel, but I can easily imagine her enjoying it. I happened to catch an author interview of the Fairly Good, and this made me curious. This book won't make my top 25, but it is a diversion while doing dishes and other importantly mindless chores, should the Jackson5 not be available.

1 comment:

  1. I had your fairly good in my hand in a bookstore while in the states....i almost got it, but put it back. i just wasn't sure....i can't wait to see the first music video...