Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ignore the Snow

Swathes of snow can still be found in our yard. Not one green sprout has been sighted. March 20 is eleven days away.

Still, we're acting as though Spring has arrived.
We pore over seed catalogs.
We plan Easter outfits.
We hang laundry out to dry in the almost warm air.
We consider the windows that must be washed, outside repairs that must be made, porches that must be painted.

Mostly, though, we play in the mud.

Can you see how tall my boys are becoming? I'm not old enough to have tall children.


  1. yes! that was the first thing i noticed in the first picture! those boys are tall! holy smokes! it's surreal.....

  2. these boys returned to this "mud puddle that looks like chocolate pudding" today and got stuck! They asked for my help and I returned with the video camera. I was laughing, but poor Norah was besider herself, convinced as she was that Sammy was going to sink. (Weston had cleverly just pulled his feet out of his boots.)