Monday, March 1, 2010


Country Living, as we have now discovered, includes copious amounts of mud. Listening to the weather forecast, I realized that we will be facing snow melt (and thus even more mud) this week. Oh shoot! I had forgotten to order those boots for the boys.

I am not one to spend money without thinking; the beauty of online shopping is that you can carry merchandise around in your virtual shopping basket for days before you decide on the best choice, the greatest bargain, and google coupons for the biggest discount possible before finalizing your purchase. Of course, this lengthy deliberation can backfire: a decisive stranger can snatch that maybe-perfect item out of your cart while you sleep.

Today, I was happy to see the boots I wanted still in my cart. They cost a little more than I really wanted to spend, but less than I've seen rain boots going for in stores. I'm trusting that the brand will prove to be durable, as I have two not-so-little boys that are pretty tough on footwear. Now I just hope that Sammy will like the available bright yellow that I chose.

Does anyone have ideas for reducing the mud traffic? Yes, I can wash my floors as easily as I can the boots, but isn't one goal of living inside a house to keep the Great Outdoors, well, out doors?


  1. hmmm...maybe a big rubbermaid container by the back door...when the kids come in, tell them to take their boots off and put them in the container! i know that sounds like the obvious idea....sorry...i'm not the most creative problem-solver...or maybe they just take them off on the porch! lock 'em out on the porch and don't let them in 'til they take them off! just don't tell them that was anni manni's idea!

  2. We do have boot/shoe crates (1 per child) by the back door, and generally they're pretty good about taking their stuff off right there... it's just the area immediately within the door that is always a muddy mess. We have a rug there and that seems to help too. I guess slushy time of year means something is always going to get dirty, socks, shoes or floor.