Saturday, August 25, 2012


Sometimes my brain is so full to the brim, I don't think I can get anything out of it without spilling its entire contents.

And that's when I come up with winning statements like that.
Maybe that 1/2 glass of wine I had with my dinner was 1/2 a glass too many.

Anyway. We My husband and children are making a music video outside and I think they need my expert spectatorship.
Also, I just put GBaby to bed 10 minutes ago and I'm pretty sure that I hear someone waking her up right now.  I'm going to pretend ignorance and see if she settles herself back to sleep. 

I need some chocolate.  If I eat it now, the children will demand that I share.  If I tell myself I'll just have a little snitch of something later, I will forget.

This over-full brain is not helping out.

I think I will see if the hammock is empty.

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