Monday, June 24, 2013

Buzzards Circling

I was driving between baseball practice schedules this morning, a bit caught up in some melancholic thoughts.  Really, I was trying to keep these thoughts from mastering me. A little self-pity usually leads to a lot of self-pity which either spins off into Angry Mom mode or Chocolate-laden Self Loathing.Who wants to scream, binge or loathe?
Not me.
Up ahead, I saw some buzzards circling in the field.
Lovely. Just what everyone needs to get out of a slump: reminders of death and decay.
But these birds weren't just circling; they seemed to be effortlessly floating higher and higher. It really looked like they had caught an updraft and were being pulled to elevations beyond their own strength.
Grasping for inspiration, I tried to think "soaring above" thoughts.
"This stumbling block can become a stepping stone."
"Things always look better tomorrow."
"I will not feel sorry for myself." 
"My mother loves me." [Hey, sometimes that's the best I can muster.]

But you know what?
It didn't work.  I couldn't get past the fact that they were buzzards.
'Buzzards' is a pretty funny word whether you say it, spell it, or just think it.
I have to say, Disney has helped shape this image for me.

Thank you, Walt. Thank you so very much.
I may not have felt a great Inspirational Moment, but I did get a small chuckle. Sometimes that's all you need.

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