Monday, June 25, 2012

It Matters (To Me).

I love making lists.
It's probably one of my greatest talents.
Right up there with turning every conversation into one about my hair problems.

In case you were wondering, I did not get the Saturday Laundry or Wash Kitchen floor done until the next week's list. But Make Jam should have been checked, because I did that.  Go look on my canning shelves.

But seriously, I love lists. I just don't love how long my lists become.  Somehow, my "I'll keep my expectations low for today" intention turns into 30 tasks in increasing levels of importance. 

The check-marks in the little squares I draw?
Those matter.
Those matter a lot. A week left with empty boxes feels so defeated. Yes, I always often start my list off with something I've already done so that I automatically can fill in a square.

Beneath my calendar hide some half-dozen post-it notes with "Honour's Goals for June 2012" scrawled across the top of each one.  Note: half a dozen monthly goals are about four too many.  I have a few post-its to go.  I do not know if I like the post-it notes standing in for a list. I do know that anything hand-written is more satisfying than something typed. One of June's accomplishments didn't even get included on the little notes: Family Vacation. 
Should one approach vacation as a task? 
Probably not.
Unless you have five kids.
Trying to arrange an end-of-vacation family picture. I think I should work on my relaxation techniques. I'll add that to my list.

Anyway. I'm off to create a list for today.  Or maybe this week, if today gets too short and my list grows too long.  I wonder if there's anything I could check off right away? Drink coffee? Get dressed? Maybe I have a few issues...


  1. Oh good, you're BACK!!! :)

    PS I like lists, too.....

  2. Oh good, you're BACK!!! :)

    PS I like lists, too.....