Friday, February 17, 2012

(Unedited) Reflections Upon the Morning

I'm really good at turning healthy food into semi-healthy food. 

Oatmeal with dried fruit and spices (raisins, cranberries, apricots, cinnamon and nutmeg) tastes good; oatmeal with dried fruit and spices and brown sugar and butter tastes even better.

GBaby does not like real oatmeal yet, so the cats got her yogurt-topped serving and I mixed up some Gerber stuff for her. What a baby.

Should SuperPACs exist?  A few weeks ago I got my first telephone call from a SuperPAC, but it was an recording so I hung up.  That's not so super if you can't get some real people to make phone calls.  And just for the record, I don't think any of the current presidential candidates are that super.

When I unloaded the dishwasher this morning, I was so proud of myself: there were (approximately) several hundred items in there.  I didn't actually count them, but I did put them in there last night.  Plus, I remembered to turn it on, so I'd call that a Super Pack job.

New household rule: You cannot color (in a coloring book) without panties on.  I've never had to initiate this rule before child #4.  She says it's more fun.  Also, she hates going upstairs by herself.  I circumvented these nudist tendencies by telling her to go check her underwear drawer for candy.  And while you're up there, go get a clean pair of panties.  I feel a little deceitful.  Maybe I should get a job in politics.  Anyway, it didn't work; she came down panti-less and I resorted to pure bribery.  Can I put that on a resume?

Well, the baby is fussing in her highchair and the toddler is (almost) finished dressing herself.  Hmmmm... leggings + skirt + dress. Surprisingly well-color matched, but a bit overdressed for today's standards.  Did she not get the memo about Official Yoga Pants in the Ruffer House Day?  I need to check the printer.  Apparently we're not printing out the daily appropriate clothing guides.    I just helped her put a belt on, so I guess the outfit is complete now and she's demanding her candy. 

Please note: all images were found on the Google.  I'm lazy and I didn't have a fresh flower to prop up beside my oatmeal.  Plus, the really funny picture of my nudist toddler is really not appropriate.  One might wonder why I took it.


  1. Darn. I was SO hoping the dog in the dishwasher was the real thing... :)