Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Worms

I'm up early most days. I like being the

Earliest Bird of the House.

It makes me feel more In Charge of my Day.

Maybe I need a badge to fulfill my power urges.

The silly part is, once I'm fueled by half a cup of coffee, (who actually gets a cup finished when it is still hot?) the others' bodies start moving, and I'm suddenly,

packing lunches,

tying shoes,

flipping eggs,

pouring milk,

scrambling eggs,

(because we can't all like the same style eggs; it would be communism!)

making ponytails,

nursing baby + surfing 'ternet...

and I realize I haven't had my favorite meal yet: breakfast.

But it is still morning, several hours till noon when I would have to officially declare breakfast skipped. So I eat last.

The early bird sometimes has to take the last worm available.

But she doesn't mind.

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