Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Embarrassed Me

I just read through my last photo-filled post and noticed several spots in need of editing. Oops! Guess my current typing method needs a little tweaking. As Norah proudly told a dinner guest on Friday, "Mom mom can nurse a baby and eat and be on the computer all at the same time!"

Maybe I should try disentangling just one of those great activities from the other two.

Here's a bit of adorable to make up for those former mistakes:


  1. oh my word Honour. I seriously want to drive up there right now and hold her. And I love the caterpillar bib! Is that another of your creations?
    (Oh and I used to do all of those things at once too. Though I preferred just playing on the ipod while nursing.)

  2. Mandi made the bib.
    (I miss you, Marlo!)