Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wardrobe {FUN}ction

I was trying to tell G-Baby that she looked extra sweet in nothing but a soft blankey...Or atop a hand-made quilt.

But she didn't so much feel the same way I did about it. So I gave her a shirt. Now, I don't know if she was just cold, or if she was upset about the big Zero (the logic of my argument that she wasn't one month old yet, so she couldn't wear the number 1 yet was lost on her. Actually, after the mess of that run-on sentence, the logic is lost on me too.)

Maybe it was just the cold, because here she is, five minutes later in peaceful slumber:Or maybe she was just worn out from all that screaming.

You would think that by the time I brought home my third daughter, I would have learned my lesson. Girls have definite opinions about thier clothing, and these opinions are not usually founded upon Good Reason nor Common Sense.

Good Reason & Common Sense: if a dress is scratchy, don't wear it.
Norah's opinion: If a dress makes you feel beautiful, wear it and ignore the discomfort!

Good Reason & Common Sense: If it is cold enough for snow boots and long sleeves, it is not warm enough for hawiian print shorts.

Willa's opinion: if mom can bum around the house in sweatpants and a grubby t-shirt, a two-year-old can make any outfit work.


  1. I am going to have a lot of fun 10-15 years...

  2. You are such a fun mom, Honour! I'm continually impressed. :)

  3. You make laugh!! I love reading your written thoughts.