Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Make Mother Nature Do the Dishes

I'm ignoring a kitchen mess. Again. I am beginning to think I have a chronic problem with Dirty Dish Avoidance.
This morning the weather was cool, cloudy and wet, but by mid-afternoon it had turned. By post-dinner time the fading day was absolutely beautiful. So who wants to stand at a sink in artificial light? I missed the loveliest part of the sunset because I had some bedtime issues to share with our four year old. Fortunately, her bedroom has a Western facing window, and as I waited for her to fall asleep I was able to enjoy the golden light so peculiar to that time of day.
Once she was finally slumbering, it was already 9 PM and well past time to enjoy the sun's retreat from a blue sky. But still the horizon was filled with pink and purple cotton balls. Who could clean up from dinner with such a magnificent bank of puffy clouds turning colors outside?
So I went out west. Just a mile or so. Just a song or two through the buds in my ears. Just enough time to bid the nearly-clear day farewell and welcome the gentle night.
On my return, I spied my first fireflies of the season. Maybe they have been out for some time, but it was my first glimpse of them this summer. Ever since childhood, I have been entranced by their tiny dance of lights over fields of growing corn. Ever since childhood I have avoided dishes. Just ask my sisters.

I caught our two half-grown cats mating yesterday morning. I didn't stop them because I figured they would just go off and resume their behavior in hiding. Somehow, this made me feel like a bad parent, even though they are not my offspring. But they are still adolescents, and I do not feel they are ready to make the decisions that parenthood brings. *sigh* Also, I am pretty sure that one of them left me a small dead present on the outside sill of the only window in my kitchen. Flies buzzed around it, and I wanted to gag. I cannot open the windows. How did I end up with such rebellious cats? Teen sex and gratuitous bloodshed. They are just trying to get attention by shocking me, I know their game. I will pretend not to notice.


  1. i'm with you....HATE doing dishes, but i'm sure i don't have nearly as many as you do....i thought you had a dishwasher, it out of commission? miss you tons....

  2. we have a dishwasher, but it is so old that I feel I must help it out by practically washing each plate before I load it. And I wouldn't even think about asking it to clean pots and pans.

  3. I hate dishes too. But that's hilarious about the cats. My problem is with the ducks. It's kinda hard to explain to the children that the boy duck is not actually hurting the girl duck, even though it really looks that way. I guess your children haven't caught the cats yet?